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27 Jul

New site update

After a break of about 3 years, I’ve given my portfolio site ( a much needed update.

I started from scratch, with an idea that I wanted to make it with flipping panels to display information. This would give nice transitions through sections and naturally create a grid, around which I could position the content.

Before Flash Player 10 (FP10), the only way to make 3D functionality was with an open source library like Papervision; but it was overkill for this simple motion. With FP10′s great penetration (97.5% in June 2010) coupled with the 3D (well 2.5D really) functionality built into it, I decided it was the way to go.

One of the problems with FP10′s 2.5D engine is that it’s not great for double sided objects, something that was essential for my project. While researching, I stumbled across Soulwire’s great PaperSprite class, which solves this problem by allowing you to add DisplayObjects, one to the front and one on to the back. Once this was solved, it was just a matter of writing the XML file, chopping up the content into block size rectangles and creating different functions for different actions – some blocks having an image on its back, some are links and some are just coloured blocks.

Have a look for yourself,

09 Jul

New Freestyle Magazine site launched

My role in the Freestyle family is ‘Webmaster’ – a strange title, but basically it means I’m in charge of everything digital. I run the blog, help the team out with server issues and also to build the main site -  well today I have finally put the second version live.

Designed by Ollie and Massi (Senior Designer and Art Director, respectively) based in Milan, with direction from the team in Berlin and built by myself in London and now Sydney, you can definitely call this an international project.

It is built in Flash – Actionscript 3, using a variable of the MVC design pattern, with several different XML files allowing for dynamic updates of content. The site is built so that when a new issue is released the site can be updates just via the XML files, therefore abstracting the content from the display functionality, allowing for an AIR based CMS (coming soon) to update the content.

Take a look

08 Jul

Beard Revue

from ffffound

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01 Jul

Aussie mate!

So, I finally made it to Sydney – after 6 weeks of good byes to London, I’m ready to get stuck into Aussieland!

First up is updating my portfolio site – the parent of this lovely blog. Meanwhile I’m sinking my teeth into iPhone development and redoing fppo (my music aggregator site) — then I need to get a job…

(p.s. photo’s from my little trip to Melbourne – is he happy? is he crying? is he a she? or is it just a massive block of concrete? )

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