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01 Jul

Aussie mate!

So, I finally made it to Sydney – after 6 weeks of good byes to London, I’m ready to get stuck into Aussieland!

First up is updating my portfolio site – the parent of this lovely blog. Meanwhile I’m sinking my teeth into iPhone development and redoing fppo (my music aggregator site) — then I need to get a job…

(p.s. photo’s from my little trip to Melbourne – is he happy? is he crying? is he a she? or is it just a massive block of concrete? )

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07 May

OK OK time for a change…

OK so I set this blog up initially just to share some Flash and Actionscript related knowledge. So that has happened, not as much as I’d hoped, but I’ve been busy (working at KentLyons). But I realised recently that I’m blogging elsewherefacebooking, tweeting, dropping and tumbling alot of stuff that I like around the internets and my blog is being left alone, but it should be through my blog that I’m sharing these things (and it’s also a bit boring talking about just geeky shit) . So here starts a new chapter in my blog’s life….

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22 May

Hello and welcome

I lost my last blog to the wonderful server crash of 08 and now I’ve decided to start back up again with added goodness for all the family.

This is mainly a place for my Actionscript experiments and code snippets…

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